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Mountain Waffle Co.

48 Count Case of Liege Belgian Cherry Filled Bulk Pack Waffles

48 Count Case of Liege Belgian Cherry Filled Bulk Pack Waffles

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Ground shipping during warm weather months can render many better quality baked goods like Mountain Waffle Co.’s Belgian waffles sometimes the worse for wear in shipping and handling. Our Belgian waffles which are particularly susceptible to deterioration due to above ambient outside temperatures are Large Cocoa Covered IW’s, Bulk Pack Waffles and Filled Waffles. To reduce the risks inherent in shipping such waffles by cheaper Ground instead of Air/Overnight shipping from May 15-September 15, we recommend the following: 

  1. Order another similar product that’s Individually Wrapped (IW) instead. For example, instead of ordering Large Butter Bulk Pack, please order our Large Butter IW’s. It’s the same size and flavor waffle made from the same dough, but the additional wrapping will help preserve its quality in shipping and handling, provide 12 weeks of shelf life at ambient or refrigerated temperatures, and allow it to be sold both unwrapped as a product for food service and prepared foods and wrapped as a grab ‘n go scannable retail product.     
  2. Insist and make sure your delivery time in shipping is no more than 2 days. For most orders east of the Mississippi, this should be fine. For orders west of the Mississippi, you may call or email Lisa Grigorian (at 714-337-8333 or to confirm that your shipping time is 2 days or less. There may be a small surcharge to make sure your case(s) arrive in 2 days instead of 3 or 4 days, but it’s generally worth it to preserve product quality. 
  3. Immediately freeze your waffles upon arrival and then slack them out to room temperature when and as needed.  

Authentically made in Belgium, our Cherry Filled Waffle Bulk Packs are taste bud bursting with flavorful fillings inside delicious Belgian waffles, warming up your senses with every memorable bite! Authentically made with 50% Belgian waffle dough and 50% delicious fillings (including real fruit pieces in our fruit flavors) for 100% Belgian waffle pleasure. Each waffle is 80g/2.8oz and sold in cases of 48 waffles each. Nicely priced at $62.40 per case ($1.30 per waffle). 

They are made according to an old family recipe with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. With so much quality and great taste baked inside, there’s no need for toppings. Perfect for breakfast, dessert and snack time too. Great in the toaster/oven, microwaveable and portable on-the-go convenience. From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy these Filled Waffles as much as we enjoy making them!

You may refreeze them upon arrival, store them at ambient room temperature or refrigerate. Shelf life is approximately 4-5 days at ambient or refrigerated and 6 months kept frozen. Because of the shorter shelf lives of Filled Bulk Pack waffles versus Individually Wrapped (IW) and Sandwich Waffles at non-frozen temperatures, we request that you refreeze them immediately upon arrival and also arrange for no slower than 2 day shipping if you live in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones for maximum freshness and results.    

Deeper discounts available for volume purchases of mix and match cases applied at checkout:

5% discount for 12 or 14 cases

10% discount for 16 or 18 cases

15% discount for 20 or 24 cases

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