About Us

Here at Waffles4U.Com, we’re passionate about authentic Belgian waffles and want to share the best of the best Belgian waffles with everyone! Our web site was created to allow consumers and small businesses the ability to order as little as a case at a time and as many cases as you like of only the finest authentic Belgian waffles, shipped from the highest certified waffle factories in Belgium straight to your door. Waffles4U.Com literally makes everyone a true Belgian waffle insider and we’re happy to share our knowledge and relationships with you!

We’re able to do this because our founders have been in the Belgian waffle business for over a dozen years and are absolutely fanatical about quality and variety. Additionally, because we buy and store authentic Belgian waffles by the container loads, we’re also able to create very special deals, allowing our customers to fly to Brussels and back in the equivalent of a Belgian waffle private jet for the price of coach without ever leaving your chair!

For starters, we’re proud to exclusively offer Mountain Waffle Co.’s incredibly delicious Individually Wrapped (IW) and Sandwich Waffles for sale online for the first time ever in a variety of sizes, flavors and styles. Mountain Waffle Co. only sells to the most select food service, retail businesses and distributors and in minimum 1 pallet quantities. So you won’t find these sold by the case anywhere else!

What’s the story with Mountain Waffle Co.’s waffles and what makes them so special?

About Us: Mountain Waffle Co. started in Steamboat Springs, CO and served sweet and crunchy Liege Belgian waffles at ski resorts around the USA. We quickly expanded to ski resorts in 11 states. Our customers kept asking for them after the winter season was long gone and we decided it was time to bring them to everyone all year long. For years we have been turning away so many customers who come to us daily wanting just a few cases of our waffles at a time. So now, with our new Shop button on www.mountainwaffle.com and also through online waffle merchant www.waffles4u.com, consumers and small businesses who only want to order a few cases at a time don't need to wait for Mountain Waffle Co.'s mouth-watering authentic Belgian waffles another minute. Order now while supplies last- there's no waffling on waffles from Waffles4U.Com and Mountain Waffle Co.! 

About our waffles: We were determined to maintain the quality and variety we had become known for.  Unlike other types of waffles which claim to be Liege Belgian waffles but are not truly authentic, we do not raise a cheap batter mix made with artificial ingredients, substitute palm oil and water for butter, margarine and milk, and skimp on the Belgian pearl sugar by just sprinkling some pearl sugar bits on top at the end of the baking process so that they adhere while the waffles are still warm.  Instead, ours are made the one and only truly authentic, high quality Liege Belgian waffle way. That means we start with naturally dense dough made from non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, and whole Belgian pearl sugars that get fully baked into the dough.  We also add no artificial colors, flavors, additives, preservatives, or ingredients of any kind.  Nothing gets in the way of the great, natural taste you expect from Mountain Waffle Co.