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30 Count Case of Large Liege Belgian Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Bulk Pack Waffles

30 Count Case of Large Liege Belgian Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Bulk Pack Waffles

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Please note that from May 1, 2024 until October 31, 2024, the bulk pack waffles will only be available for limited online purchase due to rising summer temperatures that may damage product during shipping. After May 1, contact Lisa at 714-337-8333 if you wish to order and we can arrange for 2 day air at the UPS stated rate. Authentically made in Belgium, our Large Liege Belgian Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Bulk Pack waffles are tailor made for retail bakery departments (both in bakery display cases and in containers), prepared foods, meal kits, catering and all kinds of food service. Perfect, pre-baked, fool proof waffles- quick to warm and serve- every time, and without the labor, equipment, waste, time and hassles involved in making Belgian waffles from dough or batter. Each waffle is 90g/3.175 oz and sold in cases of 30 waffles each. Nicely priced at $45.00 per case ($1.50 per waffle). 

For folks who like toppings, our dough-based waffles also support all kinds of toppings better than batter-based waffles which tend to absorb and get soggy underneath them. Made from Liege Belgian waffle dough with all-natural ingredients (no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or ingredients of any kind), non-GMO flour, rBST free milk and butter, whole Belgian pearl sugars and Pure Maple Syrup. Available in multiple flavors and sizes so you and your customers can enjoy not only the highest quality but also the greatest variety of authentic Liege Belgian waffles in the industry.

You may refreeze them upon arrival, store them at ambient room temperature or refrigerate. Shelf life is approximately 1 week at ambient or refrigerated and 6 months kept frozen. Because of the shorter shelf lives of Bulk Pack waffles versus Individually Wrapped (IW) and Sandwich Waffles at non-frozen temperatures, we request that you refreeze them upon arrival and also arrange for no slower than 2 day shipping if you live in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones for maximum freshness and results.  

You may also easily warm them up from room temperature in about 30-60 seconds on any kind of warming device (oven/convection oven at 375-400 degrees, toaster/toaster oven or waffle iron at 3-4 setting or microwave on high for no more than 30 seconds). 

Our waffles not only taste better, they’re much more profitable to sell and serve the Mountain Waffle Bulk Pack way too!

Deeper discounts available for volume purchases of mix and match cases applied at checkout:

5% discount for 12 or 14 cases

10% discount for 16 or 18 cases

15% discount for 20 or 24 cases

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