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Mountain Waffle Co.

64 Count of Individually Wrapped (IW) Galette Style Sandwich Waffles (2 pack)

64 Count of Individually Wrapped (IW) Galette Style Sandwich Waffles (2 pack)

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Our Mountain Waffle Co. Galette Style Sandwich Waffles (in a 60g/2.12oz 2 pack) are authentically made in Belgium and provide the perfect solution for everything you’ve ever imagined fitting between two waffles! From savory breakfast sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bacon, sausage, herbs and vegetables to chicken and waffle sandwiches. These Galette Style Sandwich Waffles are eggier, lower on sugar and ideal for all kinds of savory sandwich fillings, With Mountain Waffle Co.’s quality, you can now create and serve a five star culinary experience that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand! They taste great and your wallet will love them too- priced at approx. $1.06 per 2pk ($0.53 per waffle).

Shelf life is 1 month at ambient room temperature or refrigerated. You may also store them in the freezer. Bring home authentic Galette Style Sandwich waffles made in Belgium and delivered to your door with 64 individually wrapped 2 packs in a case (128 Sandwich Waffles) so you can make 64 delicious Belgian waffle sandwiches. 

Deeper discounts available for volume purchases of mix and match cases applied at checkout:

5% discount for 12 or 14 cases

10% discount for 16 or 18 cases

15% discount for 20 or 24 cases

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