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30 Count Case of Individually Wrapped (IW) Large Liege Belgian Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Waffles

30 Count Case of Individually Wrapped (IW) Large Liege Belgian Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Waffles

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You're going to love our authentic Individually Wrapped (IW) Large (90g/3.175oz) Pure Maple Syrup and Butter Liege Belgian Waffles. The only waffles in the world with both pure maple syrup and butter already baked in, so all that pure maple flavor lingers on your taste buds even longer! And your wallet will love them too- discount priced at $1.67 per waffle (vs. $3.49 per waffle MSRP)!  

Made in Belgium from Liege Belgian waffle dough with all-natural ingredients (no artificial flavors, colors, additives, preservatives or ingredients of any kind), non-GMO flour, yeast, eggs, rBST free milk and butter, whole Belgian pearl sugar and pure maple syrup. For that perfect morning grab 'n go breakfast with a cup of coffee!  

Our waffles taste great both at room temperature right out of the wrapper or quickly warmed up, and both with or without toppings. If topped, our dough based waffles also support all kinds of toppings much better than batter based waffles, which tend to absorb and get soggy under toppings. If warmed up, just do so up to 30 seconds on high in a microwave or up to 60 seconds at a 3-4 setting in a toaster/toaster oven or regular oven at 425 degrees. They pair perfectly with coffee, ice cream, fresh fruit, whipped cream, chicken, seafood and all kinds of sweet and savory sauces and toppings and also make for a delicious any time of day breakfast or snack exactly as is.

Shelf life is 12 weeks at ambient room temperature or refrigerated. You may also store them in the freezer. Bring home authentic Liege Belgian waffles made in Belgium and delivered to your door in a case with 30 of them individually wrapped. 

Deeper discounts available for volume purchases of mix and match cases applied at checkout:

5% discount for 12 or 14 cases

10% discount for 16 or 18 cases

15% discount for 20 or 24 cases

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